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03/13/2018 7:45 am

Discuss the Newest Material Options With Roofing Companies in Atlanta

Roofing materials have changed in recent years, and anyone considering replacing an existing roof is encouraged to ask Roofing Companies Atlanta about the exciting new options area homeowners have available. Rather than simply replacing those old three-tab shingles with a similar product, why not consider upgrading to a product that's designed to last longer, look better, and resist weather damage?

Architectural and Designer Shingles Offer Versatility, Longevity

While traditional three-tab shingles generally last somewhere between fifteen and twenty years, newer shingle options are designed to last several years longer without requiring as much maintenance. Companies like GAF, Atlas, and Certain Teed have all developed exciting new roofing products designed to enhance Atlanta area homes. Budget-minded homeowners are always concerned about initial costs, as they should be, but roofing experts quickly point out that paying a little more upfront actually saves money in the long run as architectural and designer shingle options last considerably longer.

Exploring Standing-Seam Metal Roof Options

Once considered appropriate only for agricultural buildings, modern metal roofing is now commonly used for homes around the Atlanta area. Again, standing-seam metal roofing options cost more initially than shingle roofing, but metal roofing lasts far longer than shingles and stands up to the harshest weather conditions the area is likely to experience. While occasional inspections are recommended, repairs are rarely needed. In most cases, any repairs will be to flashing or gutters rather than the metal roofing. If you're looking for a great way to create a unique look, ask about metal roofing options.

Take Care of Gutters

While it's important to take care of a home's roof, it also pays to take care of gutter maintenance. Gutter systems are designed to route water away from a home's foundation, and failing to do so can quickly lead to foundation issues and damage to landscaping elements around a home. If your home's gutters are leaking, sagging, or not functioning, it's important to discuss repair or updating options with a contractor.

While taking care of roofing issues is always recommended, there are times when other exterior improvements are also needed. A roofing and Window Replacement Company Atlanta will work with clients to evaluate a home's needs and determine what steps would provide the return on investment for homeowners. If you're considering any type of exterior maintenance or updating, contact an area expert for advice.

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